StesaLIT Limited, an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, known to be amongst the finest manufacturers of railway and metro engineering products. We have firmly trained team for researching, developing, and manufacturing high-end engineering products rivalling international standards for Locomotives, Coaches, EMU’s, Metro Cars, and Railway parts. We are one of the leading manufacturers of rolling stock equipment for Indian Railway and Metro trains.


The company is manufacturing and supplying light and engineering produces for locomotives, coaches, EMU’S, Metro cars, and Industry.

Loco Transformer

Loco 3900/5400 KVA, 6531 KVA, 7775 KVA Transformer

Rating : upto 15.0 MVA
Input Voltage : 25 KV
Cooling : Forced Air- oil cooled.
Insulation : Class H

Cam Shaft Controller

Cam Shaft Controller is a unique development in traction motor drive technique. This switching apparatus is controlled and regulated from electronic control centre which performs the central switching function for driving and breaking circuit.

Brushless Alternators

Rating : 4.5kw,25kw
Voltage : 110V D.C
speed : 700RPM – 3000RPM

Unidirectional Constant torque Brushless Alternators/ regulators. Train Lighting and auxiliary equipment

Traction Motor

Locomotive Engines
Rating : 850 kw
Voltage : 750V DC
Speed : 1100 RPM
Insulation : Class 200
Forced Air Ventilation
Motor Efficiency : 0.95


Rating : 25 KV AC, 50 c/s
Input to Blower Motor : 415 V
Rectifier Input Voltage : 1000 VMS
Output : 470 Volts
System of Connections
of Diodes : Bridge

Master Controllers

Contact force for Cam : 120 gm
Surge Voltage 5.1KV
Rated Voltage : 72KV
Contact Pressure at Cam : 15-2.6N
Resistance : 5MΩ


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