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Control Panels for Locomotives & Coaches

We manufacture the control panel by the customization of the requirement of railway and metro. This is a highly techno-engineering product used to maintain the assembly operation with various sub-section/sub-unit of locomotive and coaches. This is also play important role on auxiliary services that required by trains to arranged on locomotives and passenger vehicles.

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Roof Mounted A/C Package Unit

We manufacture roof mounted unit for AC coaches of railways. These is crafted with high resistance steel frame that connect the main wireframe with the AC coaches. These Roof Mounted A/C Package Unit shall be suitable for rugged service normally to be met within Railway rolling stock. Technical Specification: – Roof-mounted A/C (Package Unit) vs Split System. – Suitable to work from: 415V ± 5% AC 3Ø, 50 Hz ± 3% Sinusoidal / PWM Power Supply – Ambient temperature: -4° [...]

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Cam Shaft Controllers

We manufacture Cam Shaft Controller which is a unique development in the traction motor drive technique. This switching apparatus is controlled and regulated from an electronic control centre which performs the central switching function for driving and breaking circuits. It consists of the resistor stepping switches and group switches for drive and brake mode of operation. It also consists of 30 nos. 460 Amps cam operated switches rated Voltage — 1500 V DC. The total unit is underslung.

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6- Pole Reverser Switch/CTF

Pole Reverser Switch/CTF is used in Electric Pneumatic Contactor which is fixed with mobile AG brazed copper. This unit acts as prime equipment to change the direction of the traction motor. Technical Specification: – Current Rating: 1500 A DC – Min. Operating Pneumatic Pressure: 5Kg/cm2 – Solenoid Valve Operating Voltage: 70v to 110v DC – Dropout Voltage: 10v – Contact Pressure: 12 ± 1 kg – Dielectric Strength: 7.5 KV in 1 min – Coil Resistance: 1350 to 1450

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Electromagnetic Contactor (EMC)

Electromagnetic Contactor (EMC) works for three phases and acts as a three-phase switch for various motors. This is used for operating the auxiliary machines in the locomotives. Technical Specification: – Coil Resistance: 20ºC is 550 Ω – D.C. Supply Voltage at the coil: 68v to 136v DC – Pickup Voltage: 68v – Dropout Voltage: 10v – Contact Force: 950 ± 100 gm – Aux. Switch: 2 No. / 2 NC – Aux. Contact Pressure: 80 Gm + 10% – Dielectric [...]

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Line Contactor 1500 & 1000 AMPS

The Acts as an electro Pneumatic main switch of the traction motor sub-circuit for activating the main circuit. These are highly customized products for Railway & Metro. It is a sub-circuit unit of main circuit. Technical Specification: – Current Rating: 1500 A – Circuit Voltage: 750 V – Contact Force: 12 to 16 Kg – Minimum Operating Air – Air Pressure: 5Kg/cm2 – Solenoid Valve Operating – Voltage: 70v to 136v – Dielectric Strength: 5.1 KV for 1 min – [...]

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Brushless Alternators

We manufacture brushless alternator which is made up of two alternators that built end-to-end on a shaft. This is a unidirectional constant torque brushless alternator/regulator which for used in train lighting and other accessories. Technical Specification: – Rating: 4.5kw,25kW – Voltage: 110V D.C. – Speed: 700 RPM – 3000 RPM

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We manufacture a rectifier which is an electrical device. Which converts an alternating current into a direct one by allowing it to flow through it in one direction only. Technical Specification: – Rating: 25 KV AC, 50 c/s – Input to Blower Motor: 415 V – Rectifier Input Voltage :1000 VMS – Output: 470 Volts


Traction Motors

StesaLIT manufacture highly customized traction motor for the rail vehicle. Technical Specification: – Locomotive Engines Rating: 850 kw – Voltage: 750V DC – Speed: 1100 RPM – Insulation: class 200 – Forced Air Ventilation Motor Efficiency: 0.95

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Loco Transformers

Our special category transformers include customized transformers for the Railways. The loco transformer is used for stepping down the voltage level required for motors used in the railway engines. This transformer has a low dimension and weight limits. Our Locomotive transformers can be catered directly to the production units of Indian Railways. We have a different range of uniquely designed products like 3900 kVA Foil Wound, 5400 kVA. Technical Specification: – Loco 3900/5400 KVA, 6531 KVA, 7775 KVA Transformer – [...]

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