We manufacture a wide range for Locomotive VIZ, Master Controller, Traction Motor, Contactor, Electro-Magnetic Contactor, Smoothing Reactor, Rectifier Block, RMPU’S, Switch Board, Cabinets, electrical panels for 3 phase locomotive, oil cooling units, etc. with the best quality. Our products have checks and balances at every stage of manufacturing.

From start to end, the assembly line of our products has been designed and developed to meet the quality expectation of our customers. Our key products are


  1. Master Controller
  2. Transformer 5400 KVA, 6531 KVA, 7775 KVA
  3. Traction Motor
  4. Rectifier
  5. Smoothing Reactor
  6. Contactor
    • – Line Contactor – 1000 & 1500 Amps.
    • – Electro Magnetic Contactor
    • – Shunting Contactor
    • – Motor Contactor
  7. Reverser Switch / CTF
  8. Cam Shaft Controller
  9. Complete Driver Desk


We are Manufacturing Product Coaches/Metro Cars, Switch Board Cabinet for SC AC Coaches, etc. These products are used in railway and metro trains to facilitate the coaches. The range of products include:

  1. AC Control panel and Roof Mounted AC Package Unit
  2. ZS Coupler (400A/ 750V)
  3. Switch Board Cabinet for SC AC Coaches, AC Hot Buffet Coaches
This product acts as the main (master) controller of the various electric need like pneumatic contractors and dielectric magnetic insulation contracto
Our special category transformers include customized transformers for the Railways. The loco transformer is used for stepping down the voltage level r
StesaLIT manufacture highly customized traction motor for the rail vehicle. Technical Specification: – Locomotive Engines Rating: 850 kw – Voltage
We manufacture a rectifier which is an electrical device. Which converts an alternating current into a direct one by allowing it to flow through it in
We manufacture brushless alternator which is made up of two alternators that built end-to-end on a shaft. This is a unidirectional constant torque bru
The Acts as an electro Pneumatic main switch of the traction motor sub-circuit for activating the main circuit. These are highly customized products f
Electromagnetic Contactor (EMC) works for three phases and acts as a three-phase switch for various motors. This is used for operating the auxiliary m
Pole Reverser Switch/CTF is used in Electric Pneumatic Contactor which is fixed with mobile AG brazed copper. This unit acts as prime equipment to cha
We manufacture Cam Shaft Controller which is a unique development in the traction motor drive technique. This switching apparatus is controlled and re
We manufacture roof mounted unit for AC coaches of railways. These is crafted with high resistance steel frame that connect the main wireframe with th
We manufacture the control panel by the customization of the requirement of railway and metro. This is a highly techno-engineering product used to mai
We manufacture the Refrigerator Unit for the pantry cars of Indian Railways. This is made of SS304 stainless steel. It is used to keep food/drinks coo